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Successful Annual Meeting in Berlin!

We had a very successful Meeting at the PTB in Berlin with over 140 attendees, excellent scientific contributions as well as inspiring plenary lectures!

Congratulations to our 4 Gorter Awardees:
1st Prize: Maximilian Gram from Würzburg with his work entitled „New methods of spin-lock based field imaging: towards direct detection and quantification of biomagnetic oscillations in the nT range“
2nd Prize: Philip Boyd from Heidelberg with his work entitled „Mapping intracellular pH of tumors in vivo using CEST-MRI: methodological development and preclinical investigation“
3rd Prizes: Natalie Schön from Berlin with her work entitled „The safety relevance of respiration-induced EM field variations in cardiac imaging at 7T and 10.5T“ and Jannis Hanspach from Erlangen with his work entitled „Deep learning–based quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) in the presence of fat using synthetically generated multi-echo phase training data“

Thank you to everyone who contributed and see you next year in Tübingen!