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Program Ph.D. student training, 2024

The training will be held in English.

Training content: In this training course, basic and advanced concepts of MR physics will be introduced through theoretical lectures by MR experts and followed by the corresponding hands-on exercises.

The hands-on exercises will be in Python programming language, so some degree of familiarity with it would be helpful. We will circulate additional details and instructions within the next few days.

Necessary technical preparation steps:
The hands-on exercises will be based on running Python code in Notebooks within Google Colab. Therefore, no additional software is required.
The necessary requirements are:
– Bring your own laptop or comparable device to Freiburg;
– Make sure your device can connect to WiFi. On-site in Freiburg, you will be able to either use Eduroam or we will provide a guest WiFi logging for you for the two days;
– Make sure your device can run Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser;
– Make sure you have a valid Google account (if you do not have one, please create it in advance)

Day 1 (Feb 8 2024)

Time Duration (min)Topicspeakers/teachers
Block 1: Introduction
9:3040MR-Physics introductionMichael Bock
10:1030Pulseq PrinciplesMaxim Zaitsev
10:4020Pulseq in Browser, Basic sequences Moritz Zaiß
11:0020Coffee Break
11:2010Pulseq in Browser with simulatorMoritz Zaiß
11:3010Setup on own laptopshelpers team
11:4040Sequences and exercises to Block 1Qingping Chen
Block 2: Advanced Topics
13:2030RF PulseTony Stöcker
13:5030k-space sampling schemesFrank Zijlstra
14:2030MR hardware and imperfectionsSebastian Littin
14:5020Coffee Break
Hands-on (three groups, á 10 pers.)
15:1060RF pulse exerciseshelpers team and Tony Stöcker
16:1060K-space sampling exerciseshelpers team and Frank Zijlstra
17:1060Scanner demo and testshelpers team and Sebastian Littin
18:10End of Day 1
19:30Social Event and networking

Day 2 (Feb 9 2024)

Time Duration (min)Topicspeakers/teachers
8:3030Welcome coffee, questions & answershelpers team
Block 3: Gradient and spin echoes
Gradient echoes and steady stateJochen Leupold
9:3030Hands-on gradient echoeshelpers team and Jochen Leupold
10:0030Spin EchoesJürgen Hennig
10:3020Coffee Break
10:5030Hands-on Spin Echoeshelpers team and Jürgen Hennig
11:2030Echo Planar ImagingMaxim Zaitsev
11:5030Hands-on to EPIhelpers team and Maxim Zaitsev
13:2030MRS and MRSIThomas Lange
13:5030X-nuclei imagingJohannes Fischer
14:2010Closing remarks and feedbackOrganizers
14:4545optional hands-on scanner time,
bring your own sequence
helpers team, Thomas Lange,
Johannes Fischer
15:30End of day 2